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Chancellor meets with undersecretaries and parliamentarians to work on a Master Plan for Parinacota

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, met this afternoon with the undersecretaries of Defense, Finance, Economy, Public Works, Social Services, Social Development, National Goods, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, along with Senators and Deputies to work on a Master Plan for Parinacota.

This idea was born after the trip that the Minister made last June to Arica, where he toured the Province of Parinacota, to the border with Bolivia. He was in Socoroma, Putre and Visviri, sharing with his people, who live more than 4 thousand meters high, and met the complex reality they live in.

After the meeting, the Chancellor pointed out that "we believe it is important to develop this master plan for Parinacota because we have been observing that there is an urgency to recover the repopulation, create better living conditions for people, make it attractive, incorporate it in a better way to development".

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For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the extreme zones are a priority, with concrete results for the citizens. That's why this plan includes working on infrastructure, connectivity, agriculture and tourism. "That would be a very important source of work and initiative, modernization and circulation of resources. In that area we have colonial churches, pre-Columbian heritage and the beauty and majesty of the Inca Trail," added the Secretary of State.

"We have camelid livestock, a rich handicraft, textiles, all of this created by our native peoples," he said. In this context, it was proposed to create an "Altiplano Brand" so that the products produced there have this seal, so as to unify gastronomic and cultural products and tourist experiences. Contributing, at the same time, to reinforce the identity of the area.