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Chancellor Ampuero convenes a meeting of experts to address the situation of a Chilean-Italian minor in a foster home in Rome

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, attended today the Committee on Family and Senior Citizens of the Chamber of Deputies, where the case of the Chilean-Italian minor, who is in a foster home in Rome, was discussed.

The Secretary of State proposed that a group of senior representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sename and the Family Commission of the Chamber of Deputies should meet as soon as possible to define "what the strategy is, what it wants to propose, with whom and what real possibilities there are for doing what it proposes to do".

The Chancellor added that "what I did was fundamentally to offer this meeting, to call this meeting, so that the experts could agree and know where to go, that is the first thing". She also reiterated that "the main thing, obviously for us, is the integrity, the health and the fact that this girl feels well and that she can somehow rebuild her life".

The head of Chilean diplomacy reported that the child is in a specialized foster home in Rome and that the Chilean Consulate in that city has carried out 33 actions, which include visits to the child, meetings with the directors of the foster home, meetings with professionals in charge of care and with judicial authorities.

Minister Ampuero pointed out that, according to the information gathered by the Consulate, the minor is "attended by religious sisters, with a professional team that is also available for people like them, psychologists, with a guardian appointed by the Italian justice system and also with help and advice in learning Italian writing".