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Chancellor Ampuero celebrates that Chilean couple has already been reunited with their children

Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, celebrated that the Chilean couple who were detained in Peru have already been reunited with their children. "It is time to wait for the pending judicial process to take its course according to Peruvian law and for the whole family to be back in our country very soon.

In addition, he expressed his "gratitude to all the people who made it possible in one way or the other for this situation to near an outcome that is beneficial and positive for all parties".

He also pointed out that the Consulate of Chile in Lima has been permanently with the Chilean couple. "We greet and understand the joy of Rosario and Jorge and we wish them an excellent return to Chile when the Peruvian judicial authorities deem it appropriate," he said.

The Minister made these statements in London, where he met with the lawyers of the Chilean team in the trial against Bolivia over the waters of the Silala River.