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Building Prosperity, Safeguarding the Hemisphere through the Chile-U.S. Association

Friday, September 28, 2018

President Sebastián Piñera and President Donald J. Trump today held their first official meeting in Washington D.C. and affirmed their determination to strengthen the bilateral economic relationship and address regional challenges, such as the crises in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Chile and the United States share a set of values and a commitment to a lasting strategic partnership.

The two leaders discussed critical issues of governance and regional security, and stressed the importance of strengthening freedom, democracy, respect for human rights, and good governance in the Americas. Chile and the United States urged Venezuelan leaders to immediately allow urgent humanitarian aid into the country and to move responsibly toward the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

President Piñera and President Trump, recognizing the success of the Chile-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, reaffirmed their shared commitment to expand fair and reciprocal bilateral trade and the search for measures to increase our cooperation in science, technology and innovation.

Strong trade benefits both countries and presents opportunities to diversify energy infrastructure and advance in terms of cybersecurity. Both leaders believe that a level playing field and non-discriminatory treatment are essential for successful investments. Yesterday, senior Chilean and U.S. officials signed a framework for advancing cooperation in the energy sector, promoting investment in infrastructure and strengthening energy security and economic prosperity.

Both leaders are looking with interest at Chile's leadership and its role as host country of the APEC Leaders Summit in 2019.