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Chile, New Zealand and Singapore began negotiations on the first trade agreement for digital economy

Friday, 17 May, 2019
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Foreign Minister, Roberto Ampuero, New Zealand Trade Minister, David Parker and Singapore Trade and Industry Minister, Chan Chun Sing, announced the start of negotiations for the signing of a Digital Economy Partnership Agreement, that will be the first of its kind.
This initiative was born from the common interest to benefit the smallest economies and to provide more opportunities to citizens, especially to SMEs.
The agreement will seek a friendly framework for ICTs companies –encouraging them to export their products and services–, through the regulation of fundamental pillars like free flow data, non-discriminatory digital products, artificial intelligence, digital identity and privacy, among other matters.
"The central objective is that the three countries become digital centers, through which clearer and faster export is achieved, facilitating platforms for digital economy," said Chancellor Roberto Ampuero.
In addition, the negotiations are expected to strengthen what has been achieved under the CPTPP agreement, which is currently in Chile's Senate waiting to be approved, and which includes modern electronic commerce rules.
This new and innovative instrument will also support the World Trade Organization's ongoing negotiations on e-commerce, and will serve as a model for future negotiations, whether bilateral, plurilateral or in forums such as APEC and the OECD.
The announcement was made in the Trade Ministers Meeting at the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum (APEC) that was held in Viña del Mar.