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Chancellor participated in APEC Trade Ministers Meeting

Friday, 17 May, 2019

The Foreign Minister, Roberto Ampuero, opened the meeting of Ministers Responsible for Trade of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum APEC 2019.

At the meeting, Chancellor Ampuero welcomed the participants highlighting the importance that has for our country to be a part of this forum: "Chile joined APEC in 1994, twenty-five years ago. Since then our exports to the region have grown almost eight hundred percent, generating employment for nearly one million of our citizens".

Nowadays, out of the 26 trade agreements that our country holds, 16 are held with APEC economies. For that the Minister assured to be proud.

In this line, the Chancellor stressed that "Our economic success is due to open markets and international integration. We also know that the collaborative approach that characterizes APEC, continues to shape the way we understand trade and investment".

Intense bilateral agenda
Before the meeting started, Minister Ampuero held a bilateral meeting with New Zealand Trade Minister, David Parker.

Among the topics discussed in the meeting, was the negotiation process for the incorporation of New Zealand as an Associated State to the Pacific Alliance.

The Chancellor thanked the participation of the Minister Parker in the meeting that took place in Chancellery last Wednesday, where high representatives of countries that have already ratified the TPP11 exchanged their experiences.

Chancellor Ampuero also held a meeting with Singapore's Minister of Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing, with Malaysia's Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry, Ignatius Dorell Leiking, and with Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Policy Director, Paki Omrsby