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Chancellor Ampuero: “The key role of Chile is reaffirmed by the fact that we will be holding the next meeting of the Lima Group”

Monday, February 25, 2019


One of the relevant points of this meeting was raised by our country, which suggested the creation of a diplomatic offensive to increase the support of the international community, what was accepted and included in the Lima Group declaration. The objective of this initiative "is to approach positions and ensure that all the countries are along the same lines, which is very simple: the holding of free and transparent elections within a period of time established by the Venezuelan people", claimed the Chancellor.

In that spirit, Chile has been making some arrangements to the other countries for some days now and on its own initiative. "We are in dialogue with the EU to approach positions. I have talked with the German and Spanish Chancellors, and tonight I travel to Mexico to meet with the Chancellor, Ebrard"
Also, the Minister highlighted that "the key role that Chile is assuming is corroborated by the fact that we will be holding the next meeting of the Lima Group".

The Secretary of State reiterated that Chile has always been open to dialogue "as long as that dialogue is aimed at holding free elections in Venezuela".

It should be noted that Chile played a key role in making the Lima Group reinforce its position of a peaceful exit from the crisis. In that regard, the Lima Group accepted a paragraph raised by Chile, in which it is directly expressed the commitment for a peaceful, nonviolent exit. The paragraph literary states: "We reiterate our conviction that the transition to democracy has to be led peacefully by the Venezuelan people, within the limits of the Constitution and the international law, and supported by the political and diplomatic means, without the use of force".

Also, the Lima Group condemned "the deliberate actions of the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro that without taking into consideration neither the suffering of the people nor the insistent calls of the international community, impeded on February 23 the entering of basic necessities and international assistance, through acts of violent repression resulting in multiple injured and dead on the borders with Colombia and Brazil, what has aggravated the risk of the life, dignity and integrity of the Venezuelan people".