General Directorate for Foreign Policy (DIGEN)
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The purpose of the General Directorate for Foreign Policy is the study, coordination, implementation, control and information of diplomatic activities of a political nature which are carried out by the Embassies and Missions of the country in the world according to the appropriate directives.

It also collaborates with the Minister and the Vice-Minister in the relations with the Foreign Missions and International Organizations accredited in Chile.



The General Directorate, as responsible for the execution and coordination of Chile's international policy, receives the political information coming from the Embassies and Missions abroad, processes instructs and transmits it to the different areas reporting to it.

Likewise, the General Directorate receives from those areas inputs and information that, after being processed, are transmitted to our Embassies and Missions abroad.

The General Directorate is also responsible for the Managerial control of indicators and commitments of the dependent Directorates; the International Meeting Program in Chile; the Program of Specific Activities Abroad; the cost control and availability of the dependent Directorates, as well as coordination of monthly activities carried out by these Directorates.

Further, the General Directorate is responsible for collecting the folders of background and talking points to be used by H.E. the President of the Republic and the highest authorities of the Foreign Ministry, in the area of our foreign policy, in coordination with the Presidency of the Republic, according to the inputs provided by the respective Directorates.

The General Directorate is in charge of the consolidated calendar of tours and official and working visits made by H.E. the President of the Republic and the highest officials of the Foreign Ministry, as well as official and working visits to Chile, made by foreign dignitaries, authorities from other countries and senior representatives of international organizations.

In its scope of activities, the General Directorate for Foreign Policy is in close coordination with the offices of the Minister, the Vice-Minister and the other General Directorates of the Foreign Ministry.

The following directorates report directly to the Directorate General for Foreign Policy (DIGEN):

• Deputy Directorate General for Multilateral and Global Affairs (DIGEN MULTI)

- Directorate for Multilateral Policy (DIMULTI)
- Directorate for International and Human Security (DISIN)
- Directorate for Environment and Maritime Affairs (DIMA)
- Directorate for Human Rights (DIDEHU)
- Directorate for Energy, Science & Technology and Innovation (DECYTI)
- Directorate for Antarctica (DIRANTARTICA)
- Directorate for Summit (DICUMBRES)

• Deputy Directorate General for Bilateral Affairs (DIGEN BILAT)

- Directorate for North, Central America and the Caribbean (DIRAMENORTE)
- Directorate for Europe (DIREUROPA)
- Directorate for Asia Pacific (DIRAPAC)
- Directorate for Middle East and Africa (DIREMOA)

• Deputy Directorate General for Neighboring Countries and Regional Affairs (DIPLAL)

- Directorate for South America (DIRAMESUR)
- Directorate for Regional Coordination (DICORE)


The  Director General for Foreign Policy is also responsible, as National Coordinator or Senior Official, of the participation of our country in CELAC, Community of Democracies, Summit of the Americas, Ibero-American Summit, MERCOSUR, UNASUR, as well as International IDEA. This work is carried out through the Summit Directorate under the General Directorate for Multilateral and Global Affairs.



Alfredo Labbé Villa


General Director for Foreign Policy


Eugenio del Solar

Desk Manager


Francisco Javier Ulloa Muñoz

Second Secretary


Pablo Callis Giragossian

Third Secretary



Teatinos 180, 14th Floor, Santiago
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