Wednesday, July 10, 2013 
Statement by the Government of Chile
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In recent days some press reports have been released which claim that US intelligence agencies would have conducted unauthorized data collection and interception of communications, which have affected governments, people and businesses in many countries, including Chile.

Notwithstanding that the verification of the authenticity of such information will be sought, in which case necessary explanations will be requested, Chile can only firmly and categorically condemn spying practices, whatever their origin, nature and objectives.

The Government of Chile rejects any violation to the privacy of social networks and will continue to work in the relevant international organizations in favor of the establishment of clear rules in the behavior of States, in order to guarantee the rights of citizens and preserve the sovereignty of countries.

Finally, Chile reaffirms its unwavering adherence to international law and conventions, which are the appropriate instruments to ensure harmonious coexistence among nations.